NDI Medical
Self-cutting implant with cavity and through holes. Due to the original design, the bone tissue is less injured and lost.

Recommended for a bone of poor quality.
The unique modification of the Effective+ implant allows:
To provide less traumatic outcome and less loss of the bone tissue
To save the bone nutrition inside the implant which excludes the necrosis
To speed up osseointegration
Slightly conical shaped implant with the cavity of one-third of the length of the body and cross-cutting holes in apical portion.

In the implant neck there is a little carving thread with a step 0,25 transferred in an aggressive one with a step 0,75 mm.

The carving serves for self-cutting and forming of the bone lodge during the installation process.

The surface is handled by multi-stage method Smart, which improves the osseointegration.

Hex-conical shaped connection of implant-abutment.
Diameters: 4—4,6 mm
Lengths: 10—11,5 mm