Comparative Analysis of Surface and Chemical Composition of Various Dental Implant Systems and Their Influence on Degree of Sensitization in Humans

Nowadays dental implantology is the leading method for restoration of the masticatory efficiency in patients with secondary partial edentia. Dental implants are often made from corrosion-proof bioinert materials (titanium, zirconium, corundum ceramics), which promote proper osseointegration (adhesion of the dental implant surface with bone tissue), do not cause allergy and are well compatible with materials, from which the implant suprastructures are made…

Type of incision and anaesthesia

Type of incision and anaesthesia

After administering peripheral infiltration anaesthesic, a crestal incision is carried out to ensure adaptation of the flaps after the operation. The remaining median tissue bridge also reduces the risk of dehiscence

Sterilisation and desinfection guide

Recommendations for disinfecting, pre-sterilization cleaning, and sterilizing titanium and stainless steel included in the tools and accessories set for the NDI implantation system