Dental implant supplies

Top quality dental implant supplies

NDI Medical is one of the most reliable sources for quality dental implant supplies, from Germany to the world. As a German dental implant brand, we aim for excellence and trust.

Our reliability has been built over the last two decades, since the beginning of our business and the beginning of a new era in dentistry.

The global market for dental implant manufacturers

The revolutionary idea of replacing missing teeth with titanium implants from Professor Brnemark changed the course of dentistry forever, opening up a new market for manufacturing of dental implant systems and components.

Our company was created in the early days of implant dentistry and our manufacturing techniques have not stopped evolving ever since.

The dental implant market has expanded dramatically worldwide in order to be able to provide teeth replacement to millions of patients in need of teeth replacement.

The production of dental implant supplies has reached a high level precision, as the quality standards and requirements for dental implant restorations increases.

Germany has several world-quality dental implant suppliers and a long tradition of quality and efficiency in the dental field. At NDI Medical, we are proud to be part of this huge market that is ultimately driven by patient needs.

Predictable teeth replacement

There is no doubt that the quality and the properties of dental implant supplies play a crucial role in the overall success and survival of dental implants.

The design and the biological characteristics of dental implant components influence the entire process of tooth replacement.

From planing to the surgical protocol, from the interim restoration to the final result, it is impossible to achieve predictable results with low-quality systems and components.

Therefore, dental implant manufacturers such as NDI Medical work really hard to keep up to date with research and developments in this field, using only the latest technologies to assure excellence in dental implant supplies.

European standards – precision for peace of mind

NDI Medical follows and exceeds the quality standards set by German and European legislation. Thus, for every dental implant system offered by our company, a comprehensive set of tests are carried out before they can reach the local and global markets.

When having one of our dental implant systems placed, patients can rest assured, knowing that the highest quality standards have been met for long-term success.

For dental professionals, working with a superior German brand means optimized workflow, simplified surgical protocols and overall peace of mind during osseointegration.

We combine precision and professionalism to bring you affordable and reliable dental implant systems for everyday problem solving in implant dentistry.

Exceptional dental implant supplies for dental practices around the world

At NDI Medical, we value our customers, reason why we put a lot of effort into ensuring their satisfaction.

Because our products are surgically placed in the oral environment, biological compatibility is an essential characteristic for our dental implant supplies.

Not only the fabrication of a dental implant system needs to excel in terms of precision, but the components also require thorough sterilisation before they can leave our factories and reach dental practices around the world.

As a dental practitioner, when you open one of the implant components supplied from NDI Medical, you can be sure about our products’ high standards.

Our company keeps developing new products and testing new technologies to better meet your patients’ needs for teeth replacement.

We offer a range of conical titanium dental implants, which are superficially treated using the SMART technology. Our company also supplies superior surgical implant components, including cutters, drills, implant keys, gingiva formers and a surgical kit.

Furthermore, we offer a prosthetic kit, laboratory analogs, transfer copings, several types of abutments for different clinical scenarios and CAD/CAM bases.

All of the products supplied by NDI Medical follow strict German and European quality standards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our dental implant supplies and how to get them into your practice.

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