German Dental Implant Brands and Manufacturers

Premium quality German Dental Implants

Germany is the largest contributor to manufacturing in Europe and fourth in the world. Globally, German manufacturing is renowned for the superior quality of its products, due to huge investments in education, research and development. The country is known for excellence in the automotive and transportation sector, machinery and equipment, electronics, chemical products and metal products just to mention a few.

Germany also leads the dental implant market through the manufacturing of premium quality dental implants. The best implant manufacturers in the world are 100% made in Germany.

The dental implants from NDI Medical are made in Germany and follow strict protocols to comply with the highest quality standards, which typically describe products manufactured in the country.

High-tech manufacturing – made in Germany

German dental implants have consistently achieved global recognition for the last decades. The use of modern machinery and sophisticated manufacturing protocols, combined with highly skilled workforce and the heavy investments in dental research has kept Germany in the top when it comes to dental implant systems.

Another factor that contributes to the overall superior quality of dental implants manufactured in Germany is the constant quality and safety assurance.

As one of the key players in the dental implant market, NDI Medical complies with the requirements for medical devices according to the European legislation.

NDI Medical combines the best of German manufacturing, engineering and dental research, with patient safety being key during production and testing of our state-of-the-art implant systems.

Trusted German brand

In the entire world, German brands are trusted and recognized for their quality and NDI Medical is not an exception.

With so many resources dedicated to the achievement of excellence, patient safety and optimal biological performance, the success of NDI Medical as a dental implant manufacturer is a natural consequence.

Despite the fact that NDI Medical deals mainly with dental professionals and the dental industry in general, the ultimate focus of our business is the patient.

Because teeth replacement plays a crucial role in the restoration of vital functions for general health, such as eating and speaking, German dental implants have made it more reliable and simple for the patients.

All beneficial characteristics of the implant systems manufactured by NDI Medical have been developed with long-term success in mind. Our goal is to offer long-term solutions for the patient and to make it easy for the dental professional to place and maintain each dental implant.

Thus, NDI medical is among the many German dental brands that are trusted worldwide.

Top quality and German dental implant goes together

For years, German dental implants have helped patients from dental clinics located in every corner of the world. The trust that comes with German manufacturing, combined with the competitive prices and ultra-modern design have made NDI dental implants very popular.

The consistency in obtaining great results in implant dentistry has proven that NDI implants can be used for single tooth or multiple teeth replacement, for varying degrees of alveolar bone loss and different levels of case complexity. Immediate, early and delayed protocols are possible when using our implant systems.

The product line from NDI medical offers solutions for each patient, while facilitating the surgical process for the dental professional. Using only the best quality titanium in the market, comfort, function and aesthetics can be successfully restored.

Because teamwork is essential in implant dentistry, we work in close collaboration with elite dental researchers, dental technicians, clinicians and dental surgeons from Germany and other countries.

Approximately 9 million dental implants are placed globally every year, and not surprisingly, most of them are made in Germany due to the trust, excellence and consistently high success rates. NDI Medical is proud to be a trusted German manufacturer.

If you would like to learn more about the German dental implant manufacturer NDI Medical, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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