Optimum Implant

Optimum implants are optimate in clinical cases of different level of complicacy. Their manufacturing provides the primary stability due to the decreasing of the bone tissue pressure and high osseointegration. An implant has an absolute purity of the surface and excludes the risk of the microbe contamination.



Simple fully controlled installation
Correction while operation
High primary stability
Stability in dental hole
Gradual bone density increasing in an installation place
Immediate installation if necessary

Technical Characteristics

  • Root implants with two kinds of carving: big aggressive and small hex shaped. The surface was handled by multi-stage method. Hex-conical connection of implant-abutment.
  • The basic form of the carving gives the possibility of self-cutting which saves the time of bone tissue drilling. With respect to coupling such implant has a high primary stability and allows the installation even in a weak bone. The geometry of the implant allows to avoid the over-pressure from the side tension and bone resorption and activates the osteogenesis.
Diameters, mmREF
Lengths, mm81011.51315


Surface morphology with optimal biological features that attract osteoblast and increase osseointegration.

Double thread geometry, with microthreads to increase bone interlocking in the cortical part and standard threads in the remaining body to improve primary stability and placement.

Marginal bone preservation is promoted due to the excellent biomechanical characteristics, including thread design and surface treatment.