Tool for forming the bone bed, further simplifying the work with the drills and their precise positioning

Dental Drills

Tools for forming a bone bed for the implant

Implant Keys

Tools for the correct insertion of the implant and its stable fixation in the bone bed

Gingiva Formers

Are intended for correct creation of a contour of a gum

Surgical Kit

Instruments used in the surgical stage of implantation. Tools are located for easy and convenient installation of implants

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Surgical components and instruments

The research team of NDI Medical created surgical kits that suit all dental implants manufactured by the company. A straight-forward surgical procedure is the first step for achieving long-term success in implant dentistry, reason why we have dedicate the necessary time and resources for developing our dental implant surgical kit.

All instruments and components necessary for successful dental implant placement are found in the surgical kit from NDI Medical, which was developed with the aims of being user-friendly, providing precision during placement and keeping optimal workflow.

Having the right tools in their hands means that dental practitioners can focus on adequate bone preparation and implant insertion.

By reducing the number of components in the dental implant surgical kit, the surgical process of implant placement is simplified from start to finish to create an ergonomic and logical process for the dental surgeon.

The instruments can be easily identified, cleaned and sterilized for higher convenience and infection control.