Smart Surface


The most important factors affecting the complex process of integration of dental implants to the alveolar bone are the physical and chemical properties of the surface of the dental implant. Thus, the surface of a dental implant possesses important characteristics that play a key role in bone deposition and consequent healing and osseointegration.

Several studies have proved that treating the surface of titanium implants presents many advantages that ultimately improve the biological cascade that leads to osseointegration, increasing stability and clinical success.

NDI Medical Implants have a modified SLA technology, called the Smart method, which improves the fundamental characteristics of titanium, without affecting its biocompatibility.

Smart method

Studies have pointed out that increasing surface roughness leads to increased overall surface area, enhanced migration, adhesion and proliferation of osteoblasts, which can result in shorter healing process and potentially shorter treatment duration. Hence, a lot of attention has been given to the chemical properties and the superficial roughness of titanium implants.

Over the years, a variety of surface treatment have been proposed for dental implants in order to change the chemical composition of the superficial layer, surface topography, roughness and/or morphology. All these attempts were aimed at improving the clinical performance and the longevity of dental implants, however, not all have reached this goal.

Smart surface is a subtractive method for modification of the superficial layer of titanium dental implants, involving the application of an acid onto the implant surface. Following grit blasting with sand particles, acid etching is used in order to produce a more homogeneous surface and remove blasting particles. The finished dental product is sterilized with
decontaminating gamma rays.

This method creates micro- and macro pits and cavities, which increases surface roughness and promotes healing and successful osseointegration. The Smart surface treatment technology has been intensively studied in recent years through both in vitro and in vivo settings.

Cell culture tests, histological analysis of osseous tissues, and findings from experimental studies have shown that the Smart surface presents outstanding outcomes in terms of creating the ideal surface topography to promote osseointegration.

Studies have attributed the accelerated bone integration early in the healing process of implants that have the Smart surface to an increase in growth factors and cytokines. The benefits of the multi-stage Smart method include:

The benefits of the multi-stage
Smart method include:


Improved surface topography and
surface energy


Better wettability, which influences
the cascade of events that lead to
predictable osseointegration after
implant placement.


Promotion of cell adhesion and


Increased overall success and
survival rates

Smart surface compared to other surface treatments

The many advantages of Smart surfaces have been highlighted in comparison to other surface treatments, such as a titanium-plasma coat, machine-milling treatment and hydroxyapatite coat, and include improved biomechanical implant fixation and integration, particularly in the early stages of healing.

The highly technological process of Smart surface used by NDI Medical results in irregularities in the titanium surface, creating optimal surface topography to facilitate cell attachment.

Higher interlocking between implant surface and bone tissues, earlier formation of osseous tissue, higher bone-to-implant contact, greater implant stability and better load transmission are other advantages that have been attributed to the Smart surface treatment.

When dental implants are submitted to immediate or early loading, studies have shown that higher success is achieved when Smart surface is used. With so many benefits, it is not surprising that success rates as high as 99.4% have been reported for implants presenting this surface treatment.

Taking into consideration the impressive results linked to the Smart surface in terms of biocompatibility, improved initial healing and osseointegration, tooth replacement becomes a predictable process when using NDI implants, which ultimately benefits the patient.

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