About Us

Who we are

NDI Medical Implants is a top-class provider of superior dental implants. Our company was established in 1998, hence we have been developing and producing innovative dental implants for more than 20 years, using cutting edge technology, high precision methods and high quality standards.

Our company has grown substantially over the years, while maintaining the quality that we have always been renowned for. Our headquarters are located in Germany, with several production sites established across the country.

Because we are passionate about predictable and successful tooth replacement through implant-based restorations, our aim is to maintain a continual production of dental implant components that meet the highest quality standards.


Unique challenges, customized solutions

As each patient presents a unique challenge when it comes to tooth replacement, depending on the amount of osseous tissues, anatomical conditions, budget, general health and many other factors, we offer a broad product range in order to provide different options for the dentist.

From single tooth restorations to solutions to fully edentulous patients, we are proud to promote better oral health through leading dental fixtures.

Our dental implants come in different sizes and shapes and our Fusion interface assures a stable, smooth and precise transition from the implant body to the prosthetic restoration.

Our products are suited for both immediate placement and loading and delayed approaches. Thus, each dentist can find the most appropriate solution for each clinical case at NDI Medical Implants.


Research and development

The art of achieving long-term success in dental implantology involves a series of factors, each one of them plays a crucial role on the entire process. From specific surface modifications through the Smart Method to high-precision connections through the Fusion interface, from the use of pure titanium and its alloys to employing superior design and geometry concepts, our company is always investing in research and development.

Quality control is a key factor in all steps of our manufacturing processes. New products, solutions and protocols are carefully tested at our facilities and at independent laboratories until safety and final quality are confirmed.

We are proud to work in close collaboration with recognized dental surgeons, dental implant specialists and engineers, as our products are constantly being modified and improved.

Once all laboratorial tests have showed positive results, our products are tested in clinical settings across Germany before being commercialized.

Dental implants are constantly evolving, so is our company

Since the discovery of the biocompatibility of titanium by professor Branemark in Sweden, dental implantology has evolved quickly and has become an integral part of dental treatment around the world. Tooth replacement has never been the same and patients have never been so pleased with
implant-based restorative solutions.

Our company assures that only latest technologies are used to fabricate our products. We are constantly upgrading our protocols and systems to make sure that our fixtures are up-to-date in terms biological and mechanical properties, as well as patient satisfaction. Hence, we are always on
the look for new studies in the literature, new surgical protocols, surface treatments and clinical needs.

We are proud to have such high success rates for our dental implants, but that does not stop us from trying to become even better through constant improvements and developments.


Our NDI Family Worldwide

Our company works with people in the dental industry from all over the world and is always open for new collaborations. We expect to keep growing our implant production over the next years.
If you would like to sell our products or to contribute to our success, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to create a business relationship that will benefit you.

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