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For the production of the intra-osseous part of the implants, we apply only to the bio-inert titanium alloy of 4th Grade.

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Fusion Interface

Fusion Interface in the NDI implantation system is built on a hexagonal-conical type.

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The titanium surface of the implant is treated using SMART technology - sandblasting and subsequent etching with a mixture of acids at a specified temperature.

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Our products


A self-cutting implant that compacts bone tissue, increases stability, is suitable for most clinical cases


A series of stable and long-term implants recommended for installation in various clinical cases


Shortened implants are used with insufficient bone quality and a small height of the alveolar bone


A cone-shaped implant with aggressive thread. Recommended for single-stage implantation in the molar region.


Implant for carrying out the operation of bone widening.

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NDI Medical dental implants and dental implant abutments are committed to patients and professionals. As leader manufacturer of superior dental implants, we are fully dedicated to excellence in solutions for teeth replacement. For more than 20 years, our company has provided top-quality supplies for the dental industry around the world.

Working closely with the best dental practitioners and researchers has helped our company expand over the past years to meet the ever growing market demand for high quality dental implant systems.

The cutting edge technology employed during our manufacturing process is constantly being upgraded, reason why we always strive to meet the highest quality standards.

The best dental implant components are those that take teeth replacement to the next level and this is the reason for our long-term success as dental implant suppliers.

Due to the diversity of clinical situations faced by dental professionals on a daily basis, it is crucial to work with flexible dental implant systems that facilitate the clinical decisions regarding the treatment of each individual patient.

With that in mind, we are proud to supply solutions that meet the patients’ needs in terms of reliable, predictable and highly successful dental implant restorations.

Our robust investments in research and development have consistently shown positive results, as the studies conducted by independent laboratories to evaluate our products reveal extremely high success and survival rates.

Another factor that impacts the overall success of dental implants is the surgical skill of the dental practitioner. Having a simplified implant system with optimized macroscopic and microscopic design is very beneficial for the surgical placement of our implants, which makes the process smoother even for less experienced hands. As manufacturers, we take this into account when designing our products in order to reduce the risk for surgical complications.

Our company is constantly evolving to assure that we keep suppling the world with the best dental implants.

Reputable manufacturers of dental implants

Our philosophy is to always pursue innovation with the search for ideal treatment solutions in mind. Since the life changing discovery of the osseo-integrative properties of titanium made by professor Brånemark, implant dentistry has evolved a lot and our company has been part of this journey since the beginning.

Our commitment to keeping top-quality dental supplies affordable for patients and professionals has greatly contributed to our positive reputation as on of the leading dental implants companies.

One of the goals of NDI Medical implants is to help reduce the burden of tooth loss worldwide. Despite improvements in most developed and developing countries, partial and total tooth loss is still highly prevalent.

By providing affordable dental implants without compromising on the long-term quality and performance, our company can reach more patients in need of tooth replacement.

We know that the journey of an edentulous or partially dentate patient to teeth replacement and restoration of masticatory function can be long, frustrating and costly. The requirements for cosmetic solutions in the anterior areas can put extra pressure on the dental practitioner.

But well-succeeded implant-based restorations that do not cost a fortune are a reality with our implant systems and we see patients whose lives are completely transformed after the treatment.

It is with deep satisfaction that we witness our dental supplies increasing people’s confidence, ability to eat and speak after the successful placement, osseointegration and function of our dental implant systems.

Dental implant procedures are possible due to team efforts, where the manufacturer and supplier, the dental professional, his staff and the patient work in close collaboration to achieve the best possible end result.

It is our pleasure to be part of the dental implant team and to provide the global market with our modern and yet simple dental implant solutions.

If you would like to become part of this team by offering our dental implant products, please do not hesitate to contact us.