Best Dental Implants System in the World


A self-cutting implant that compacts bone tissue, increases stability, is suitable for most clinical cases


A series of stable and long-term implants recommended for installation in various clinical cases


Shortened implants are used with insufficient bone quality and a small height of the alveolar bone


Implant for carrying out the operation of bone widening.


Self-cutting implant with cavity and through holes. Due to the original design, the bone tissue is less injured and lost.

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Best Dental Implants

With four options for standard implants (Optimum, Prime, Effective+ and Ridge+) one option for short implants (Short) and another option for narrow implants (Smalle), NDI Medical supplies dental implant systems to meet a variety of clinical needs.

We believe that variety is great, however, the global market presents so many options that the dental practitioner can feel overwhelmed with the number of implant systems currently available.

As a way to simplify the process of clinical decision making according to the requirements for each case and patient expectations, our company offers a robust and compact portfolio that covers the majority of clinical scenarios.

Each of our implant systems come in a variety of lengths and widths, allowing the clinician to choose the most suitable option according to the volume of the bone in the alveolar ridge, typically evaluated through a cone beam computer tomography image.

The dental implant systems supplied by NDI Medical are fabricated from Grade 4 Titanium and treated using the SMART surface technology, which includes sandblasting and etching, resulting in adequate roughness to optimize osseointegration and increase bone-to-implant contact.