Maximum Implant

A cone-shaped implant with aggressive thread. Recommended for single-stage implantation in the molar region.


Maximum Implant

The Maximum implant is designed for one-stage implantation in the molar area.

The indications for one-stage implantation are the same as for conventional implantation - final tooth loss or partial tooth loss, when there is no chance of restoring and preserving the problem tooth. Particularly noteworthy is the less traumatic nature, as there is no need to cut soft tissue and it is possible to install a temporary prosthesis immediately after tooth extraction in order to restore the tooth row.


Optimal for the immediate installation after tooth extraction
Reduces the likelihood of bone plastic
Speeds the osseointegration
Reduces the time and expenses for the operation

Technical Characteristics

  • Self-cutting thread with three cutting bores, surface handled by multi-stage method Smart, a stubble shoulder of the implant`s body, dived lower than cortical edge of the bone.
  • Short implant distributes the mechanical loading from prosthetic the on the bone.
  • Hex shaped connection of implant-abutment.
Lengths, mmREF
Diameters, mm6.0